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New York City Travel Guide

New York, it’s been called the “Big Apple” by some and the “City That Never Sleeps” by others. New York is simply a great place to visit.

From the Empire State Building to Central Park to the Statue of Liberty, this is a city that has it all and has plenty of things to do.

Whenever you’re in New York, you might as well go shopping. The sheer abundance of stores is mind boggling.

A few of the top spots in New York are window shopping along Madison Avenue, checking out Breakfast at Tiffany’s, doing some street shopping in SoHo, browsing through Macy’s department store or hitting some shops in the West Village.

Nightlife is incredible In New York, with nightclubs and bars aplenty. There’s always a party going on, and it’s not hard to find something to get into at night here.

Places to eat are a dime a dozen as well. New York has a reputation as food capital of the country. When 31 of the 100 top grossing restaurants in the country are here, it’s quite apparent that the rumour is true.

Try the pizza while you’re here, and you’ll be glad you did. New York pizza is one of life’s little treats.

When looking for hotels or places to stay, you have your choice of plush hotels like the Ritz-Carlton or the cheap hotels like the Chelsea Savoy. The cheap hotels aren’t bad if you don’t go too cheap. Another alternative is to try staying at hostels or maybe couch surfing.

No matter what you decide to do, there are always an abundance of things to do in New York City.

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